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Brenda Gadow Clark Art

Purple or Pink Starter Bracelet for Italian Charms

Purple or Pink Starter Bracelet for Italian Charms

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These bracelets are very nice to just use as they are. Or if you order any charms I always add them in the bracelet for you. I can make this bracelet any size you need. Please contact me with the size. The size of the links are 9mm x 10mm. Stainless Steel. Stretchy.

My bracelet stretches over your hand which makes it easy to take on and off. The bracelet is also especially nice as a surprise gift since you do not have to know the exact measurement since I will be sending 3 extra links to add in the bracelet if it is too small.

If you add my charms to this bracelet you can always move the Italian charms around, add more charms and links, or switch them out for another charm. You can use your fingers to open up the links.

I will also send instructions on how to add or take out the charms and links. I sell a tool for Italian charm bracelets which makes it much easier to open up the links.

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